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Black History Books

“Black Southerners In Confederate Armies – A Collection of Historical Accounts” Edited by J. H. Segars and Charles Kelly Barrow. This historical collection tells the little-known story of Black Confederates. Official records, newspaper articles, veterans accounts, and other surviving documents show that large numbers of slaves and freed men served as Southern allies, and in some instances, as soldiers and sailors for the Confederacy. The truth in this book will contradict much of what we were taught in school about the Civil War and the South…..$20

BHB-1) Scraps of Song and Southern scenes by Montgomery Folsom. plantation life in the backwoods of Georgia. 1889. 199 pages. Poems and descriptive sketches…..$75

BHB-2) Mammy. A drama by Bernie Babcock, autographed, 1915.Setting is a plantation near Vicksburg during the war between the states,1862 and 1863. Storyline Centers around the mammy. 102 pages. Very nice!…..$125

BHB-3) Reports of cases in the court of Appeals of VA. 1827 in Richmond by Peyton Randolph. Several slave and slavery related cases.683 pages…..$75

BHB-4) Paul & Virginia. By Bernardin de Saint-Pierre. Phila.,1808. 160 pages. Illustrated. A small romance novel whose characters and slaves live on a small island in the isle of France…..$45

BHB-6) Home stories, Mary Day’s story book, by Phoebe Phelps, Boston 1855. 16 children’s stories, some are black or slave related. 172 pages…..$50

BHB-7) Father Henson’s story of his own life, with an introduction by Harriett Beecher Stowe. 1858. 212 pages. Born and raised in slavery, freed in Canada and returned to work with the underground railroad…..$125

BHB-8) Twelve years a slave. A narrative of Solomon Northrup, references his life from 1841-1853 on a cotton plantation in Louisiana. 336 pages illus.1854…..$125

BHB-9) The code of Virginia with the Declaration of Independence and constitution of the United States and the Declaration of rights and the Constitution of Virginia. 1849. Richmond.900 pages. Content includes government of state militia,slavery,and much much more. Id’ed to “John Sincindiver”…..$150

BHB-10) A girl’s Life in Virginia before the war, by Letitia M.Burwell,1894…..$25

BHB-11) Black Slaveowners: Free Black Slave Masters in South Carolina, 1790-1860, by Larry Koger, 1985, 286 pages. A history of blacks owning blacks in antebellum South Carolina…..$50

BHB-12) Act of the Anti-Slavery Apostles, by Parker Pillsbury, 1883, 503 pages. An early treatise on the history of the anti-slavery movement, its greatest proponents, and the opposition they encountered. Includes a chapter on William Lloyd Garrison, the Yankee abolitionist newspaperman…..$150

BHB-13) Befo’ de War: Echoes in Negro Dialect, by A.C. Gordon and Thomas Nelson Page, 1888, 131 pages. A collection of Negro reminiscences given in verse…..$100

BHB-14) The Black Phalanx: A History of the Negro Soldiers of the United States, 1889, 528 pages. An early history of the US Colored Troops, covering the War for Independence, the War of 1812, and the War Between the States. Written by a veteran from the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment…..$350

BHB-15) Forgotten Confederates: An Anthology About Black Southerners, compiled and edited by Charles Kelly Barrow, J.H. Segars and R.B. Rosenberg, 1995, 193 pages. A compilation of essays about negroes who served in the Confederate States Army.
Hardback still in wrapper…..$35

BHB-16) Slavery in Florida: Territorial Days to Emancipation, by Larry Eugene Rivers, 2000, 370 pages. A survey of the peculiar institution in Florida under the United States flag…..$40

BHB-17) Black Southerners in Gray, edited by Richard Bollins. A collection of essays on Afro-Americans serving in the Confederate armies. Still in the wrapper…..$25

BHB-18) Black Confederates and Afro-Yankees in Civil War Virginia. Written by Ervin L. Jordan, Jr. A study about Negro involvement in the War Between the States in the Old Dominion. Still in the wrapper…..$25

BHB-19) The Harp of Freedom, by George W. Clark, 1856, 335 pages. An anti-slavery movement hymnbook. Steel plate engraving of author in frontispiece…..$150

BHB-20) Anti-Slavery measures in Congress, by Henry Wilson, 1864, 384 pages. A history of the laws enacted by the Federal Congress during the War Between the States, when there was no opposition by the Southern States. Much content on the US Colored Troops…..$150

BHB-21) Eneas Africanus, by an unknown author, 1920, 47 pages. A chronicle of a former Confederate officer who was looking for his slave and a family heirloom…..$50

BHB-22) The Impending Crisis, by Hinton Rowan Helper, 1857, 420 pages. A Southern anti-slavery work, which was also a catalyst in the march to secession and war……$150

BHB-23) Negro Child Welfare in North Carolina, by Wiley Britton Sanders, 1933, 326 pages. Sociological report of conditions of living for negro children in early 20th century North CArolina…..$50

BHB-24) My Bookhouse: Up One Pair of Stairs, author unknown, 446 pages. A compilation of children’s stories from the early 20th century. Contains child’s story “Lil’ Hannibal”…..$20

BHB-25) Sapphira and the Slave Girl, by Willa Cather, 1941, 285 pages. A fictional view of life on an antebellum plantation. No realistic portrayal…..$15

BHB-26) Army Life in a Black Regiment, by Thomas Wentworth Higginson, 1960, 231 pages. A Civil War classic. Much content on north Florida and South Georgia. The history of a black regiment during the civil War. Reprint edition with a dust-free mylar jacket…..$55

BHB-27) The Negro in the Civil War, by Benjamin Quarles, 1953, 379 pages. First edition of the classic work on African Americans during the War Between the States…..$75

BHB-28) Men of Color, by William A. Gladstone, 1993, 228 pages. A short history of the Negro Civil War soldier. Lists all battles in which Negroes fought, including the names and ranks of the 16 black winners of the Congressional Medal of Honor…..$25

BHB-29) View of Slavery, by John Henry Hopkins, 1864, 376 pages. Northern antislavery tract outlining the history of antislavery ideals and the beliefs in the inherent sinfulness of slavery…..$125

BHB-30) Dred: A Tale of the Great Dismal Swamp, by H.B. Stowe, 1856, 2 volumes. More antislavery fiction by the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Sold as a pair only…..$395

BHB-31) Inquiry into the Character and Tendency of the American Colonization and American and Anti-Slavery Societies, by William Jay, 1969, 206 pages. Reprint of the 1835 edition…..$25

BHB-32) Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream. by Lerone Bennett, Jr., 1999, 652 pages. This book debunks Abraham Lincoln’s reputation as the Great Emancipator. In this book, Lincoln is exposed as a conservative politician who did what he had to do at the time, even though in his heart he did not agree with it…..$35

BHB-33) Black Freedom: The Nonviolent Abolitionists from 1830 Through the Civil War, by Carleton Mabee, 1970, 435 pages. A history of the antislavery movement through the antebellum years until the War Between the States…..$45

BHB-34) History of Slavery and the Slave Trade, by W. O. Blake, 1859, 832 pages. An attempt at a comprehensive history of slavery, from ancient Greece and Rome to 19th century America…..$400

BHB-35) The Buffalo Soldiers: A Narrative of the Negro Cavalry in the West, by William H. Leckie, 1967, 290 pages. A history of the 9th and 10th US Cavalry Regiments, which were made up of Negroes who wished to remain in US Military Service. Signed by the author…..$95

BHB-36) All Times, All Peoples: A World History of Slavery, 1980, 65 pages. A young readers’ work on the history of slavery around the world…..$15

BHB-37) The Report of the Committee on the Raid at Harper’s Ferry. The report of the special Congressional committee charged with investigating John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry arsenal…..$475

BHB-38) Sojo: The Story of Little Lazy-Bones, by Erick Berry. Child’s book wherein a clever young black child gets the local wildlife (elephants,hippos,etc.) to do his chores for him…..$45

BHB-39) Slavery, by G. Bruce Woodin, 1971, 96 pages. Another young readers book on slavery…..$12

BHB-40) The Guide to Black Washington, by Sandra Fitzpatrick and Maria R. Goodwin, 1993, 289 pages. A guidebook to landmarks and places of cultural significance to blacks in our nation’s capital. Autographed by the author…..$20

BHB-41) Encyclopedia of Black Collectibles: A Value and Pricing Guide, by Dawn Reno, 1995, 307 pages. A reference book on collecting black memorabilia…..$20

BHB-42) The Life and Labors of David Livingstone, by Rev. J. E. Cahmbliss, 1875, 805 pages. A well-written and well-illustrated tale of the adventures of the great African explorer. Gold gilt cover. Map on last page of the travels of Livingstone. Much content on the natives of Africa…..$150

BHB-43) Uncle Tom’s Cabin. This early Young Flks edition of Uncle Tom’s Cabin was published by M. A. Donohue and Co. It is undated, but the inside cover has a written notation, Dec. 25, 1911. The 64 page book is profusely illustrated in black and white. There is one full page color illustration by Blanche Fisher Wright. The interior of the book is in good to very good condition and the only interior damage is the date, a name, and coloring to the front and back inside covers…..$125

BHB-44) Nigger Heaven, by Carl Van Vechten, 1926, 286 pages. An early novel about black living in Harlem, written in the Negro dialect…..$50

BHB-45) The Witmark Amateur Minstrel Guide and Burnt Cork Encyclopedia, by Frank Dumont, 1899, 168 pages. A training guide for minstrels…..$95

BHB-46) All About Amos N Andy and Their Creators Correll and Gossden. Charles J. Correll and Freeman J. Gossden known as Amos-n-Andy. Here is the story of their creation. This book is autographed on the inside by them…..$125

BHB-47) Devere’s Negro Recitations and End-Men’s Gags, by William Devere, 1946, 129 pages. A training manual containing gags, jokes, and speeches for use by black minstrels in an entertainment setting…..$50

BHB-48) Totin’ Home De Wash, by Mary Coles, 1947, 62 pages. A collection of poems about daily living written in the Negro dialect…..$50

BHB-50) Black and White in American Culture, edited by Jules Chametzky and Sidney Kaplan, 1969, 478 pages. A compilation of forty or so pieces of work submitted to the Massachusetts review by black authors, poets, and writers…..$45

BHB-51) The Secret City: A History of Race Relations in the Nation’s Capital, by Constance McLaughlin Green, 1967, 389 pages. A history of the tensions between whites and blacks in the first half of the 20th century in the District of Columbia…..$30

BHB-52) The Middle-Class Negro in the White Man’s World, by Eli Ginzburg et al, 1967, 182 pages. An exposition upon the opportunities available to middle class African Americans written during the apex of the civil rights movement. The report expresses hope of the future because of widening educational and professional opportunities for blacks…..$35

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